First Corporate Video

First Corporate Video

For the first time, the Pacific Theological College has a corporate video.

Completed this year, the video articulates the various aspects of studying, worshipping and living at PTC.

The video features staff, students and members of the wider PTC community.

Shot on campus and edited and developed by Guru Media, the video promotes the PTC brand as a whole.

The brand is that PTC is a higher learning institution that produces theological leaders for leadership for justice.

It raises awareness as well the ‘whole of life’ learning that will be part of a scholar’s journey at PTC.

A ‘whole of life’ approach where theology must speak to economic, political, social, and religious issues that affect the lives of people.

PTC’s vision is to push for social transformation and justice in all areas of life as important for the wellbeing of everyone in the Pacific island’s region.

The corporate video is used for networking, marketing and engagements of the College.

View video at this link: