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PTC offers a range of academic programmes from Certificate to Bachelor level which are available both residentially and through our extension mode.

The postgraduate programmes up to PhD level are only available residentially and in the phase of going online as well. Recently PTC has enjoyed its vibrant PhD programme. Through its leadership and academic courses and programmes, PTC through its Institute of Mission and Research (IMR) is able to reach and facilitate the training of the most remote grassroots local communities on themes relating to pastoral counselling, peacebuilding, as well as social, economic, and ecological justice. PTC also has an Extension Education department that facilitates the offering of certificates up to Bachelor of Divinity level for non-residential candidates. Equally important is the fact that PTC offers a life centered on worship and spirituality.


Well, what I can say is that before doing PTCEE I didn’t know how to talk to people in the right way about the faith and I didn’t have confidence to preach. The courses have really helped to give me that confidence in the community. The way I see it, we are always fighting for the Kingdom of God and in some way I can say PTCEE courses help me fight for the Kingdom and build the Kingdom on earth even as we wait for it in heaven.

MOSTYN MANETAVUA, Anglican Church of Melanesia, Solomon Islands

I had the desire to know more about theology and to broaden my knowledge of the Bible. As well as studying the course books I’ve been attending the Friday tutorials on the PTC campus and find them helpful, interesting and challenging. At times I had thought of dropping my studies but received great encouragement from the Director and other students, and from my husband and family. Everything has worked together well and harmoniously

LILA WATI SUNDRAM, Ordained Deacon at Anglican Diocese of Polynesia

“Through the enlightment of PTCEE, my life is ordered for simplicity and purpose.”

PECELI RADUVA, Certificate in Theological Studies PTCEE

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EMERY BURNS, Design Student