Dr. Marie Ropeti-Apisaloma

Dr. Marie Ropeti-Apisaloma was born and raised in Samoa. She completed her studies in New Zealand for further education and has held a number of positions in the field of Theological Studies. She completed her Ph.D. at Pacific Theological College and graduated in 2021 and is currently with Parish Ministry in Auckland PCANZ since 2012. For most people life is governed by power and rule, but behind these there always lies the mystery of human nature, doubtful and mysterious, and right now and again to go off at an angle and disrupt the soft working of coordinated practice. Some man or woman will appear who departs from the normal method of practice, who follows values rather than rules, and whose methods are unpredictable, and often, in the eyes of onlookers, unwise. They may be weak or fragile, and in their own estimation of no account, yet it is often they who are used for the accomplishment of important ends.