Department of Theology and Ethics

The Department of Theology and Ethics is responsible for teaching, researching, and serving Pacific churches and societies. Its aim is twofold. First for the sake of rethinking and/or strengthening the faith identity of the Christian community, the Department’s aim is to assist churches by offering theological and ecumenical foundations and models that are Pacific contextually oriented, yet open to global discussions and conversations. This means that the Department values and promotes the ‘Pacificness’ of all its courses and delivery. Second is to engage in the Pacific rethinking and decolonization agenda by offering critical theological responses to political, economic, social, and religious developments and issues affecting the region.

The Department of Theology and Ethics is a growing and vibrant department in the College, with lecturers and students of diverse cultural and denominational backgrounds from the Pacific and around the world. It has a ‘spanning boundaries’ focus that collaborates and works together with other academic disciplines, sectors, civil societies, institutions, and organizations to critically address issues through conferences and workshops, publications, community work, and networking.

Teaching Staff