The George Knight Library

The library holds close to 27,000 volumes and seats approximately 35 readers. Collection areas include General, Theses, Periodicals, Reserve, Reference and Pacific research materials. It is organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification and the Sears list of Subject headings. There is an on-line public access catalogue available both in the library and from outside. Interlibrary loan, photocopying and scanning services are available.

Library Catalogue

Access the Library Catalogue online at these locations:

Admission and General Regulations

Use of the library and registration are conditional upon compliance with the regulations and rules of the library as set by the librarian in consultation with the College administration and Library Advisory Committee. The library serves registered students and their spouses, faculty and staff of PTC, PTCEE and GPP, members of the PTC Council and Executive and external borrowers as approved by the librarian.

  • No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted in the library.
  • Bags are to be left in the lobby area.
  • Do not leave valuables: the library is not responsible for items left unattended.
  • Staff are responsible for re-shelving the books.

Borrowing Regulations

  • Loan period is one month with one renewal.
  • Reserves may be placed on material on loan. Borrowers will be notified when the material is returned.
  • The librarian may request the return of books on loan. These should be returned within 2 days.
  • Reference, reserve and Strong Room collections are for in-library use only.
  • Borrowers are responsible for costs for damage or loss of books loaned to them.
  • All books are to be returned before leaving the College. Holiday loans are subject to the librarian’s approval.
  • Books obtained on interlibrary loan are subject to the conditions and loan periods of the owning library.

Borrowing Limits

Faculty                                                  no limit
Students (PhD/MTh)                         50 titles
Students (BD)                                      20 titles
Students (Women’s Programme)     10 titles
Students (PTCEE)                              10 titles
External borrowers                              5 titles

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 8:45am – 5:00pm,
7:30pm – 10:00pm
Friday                         8:45am – 4:00pm
Saturday                    9:00am – 1:00pm

Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 4:30pm
Friday                         8:30am – 4:00pm
Sundays and holidays Closed


Full details are available in the PTC Handbook.