Academic Awards

Five students received Pacific Theological College’s top awards for various study categories.

For the Faculty Prize for Distinction in Thesis Work in the Master of Theology programme;

i. Leslie Boroko (Master of Theology – Church History) – Anglican Church of Melanesia, Solomon Islands
ii. Sioeli Sipaisi (Master of Theology – Church History) – Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga
iii. Sauileoge Pouli Jr (Master of Theology – Church Ministry) – Methodist Church of Samoa
iv. Esera Junior Esera (Master of Theology – Theology and Ethics) – Congregational Christian Church in Samoa
v. Sakiong Sanangke – (Master of Theology – Church History ) – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea.
Esera Junior Esera also won the top prize (Departmental Prize) for Master of Theology – Theology and Ethics.
For the Bachelor of Divinity with Honors programme;
i. Lewis Iotua Tutairi (Etaretia Porotetani Maohi)- Bible Society Prize in Biblical Languages, George Knight Prize in Old Testament Studies, Tauinaola Shekinah Lavasii Memorial Prize in Church History
ii. Toboora Tamatone – Bible Society Prize in New Testament Studies, Judith Finau Ministry Prize, Malcolm Wilson Prize in Theology and Ethics.