Women’s Fellowship Development Programme

The PTC. Council isWPCentre 2 committed to the theological education of women and as such all women including those who come to the college with their husbands are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the college and make use of all the educational opportunities available through the college including academic studies through PTCEE and the residential degree Programmes. Studies specifically designed for women were introduced at the college in 1980. This Programme of studies has recently been revised and a new integrated programme of studies for women is being offered to complement other existing educational opportunities. The College provides a nursery and pre-school at the ‘Etina Havea Centre to allow both parents to take up studies.


The Women’s Programme (WP) aims to equip women for the different ministry challenges they will encounter as leaders in their churches and home communities. It can be taken together with PTCEE studies and therefore does not seek to replicate but rather complement PTCEE studies.

What is offered is an integrated programme with four main streams:

  • Spiritual Formation; to develop practical leadership in worship &
  • Practical Arts; for church, community & income generating
  • Capacity Building; to develop essential technical skills for ministry
  • Skills for Mission; to develop skills for ecumenical ministry in
    church & society.

Two award programmes are available within the programme: the Certificate in Women’s Ministry Studies (CWMS), and the Certificate in Women’s Ministry Studies and Theology (CWMST). Both are designed to integrate the four streams of study mentioned above, and both are delivered in such a way that the award may be achieved within two years of study.

The two award programmes replace the Certificate in Women’s Development Studies previously offered at PTC. Students who began their studies towards that award in 2011 will be transferred to one of the two new award programmes unless it is to their disadvantage.

Certificate in Women’s Ministry Studies

Requirements for the award: eight (8) WP courses outlined below (one per semester-half). Students taking this award may cross-credit up to four WP courses from PTCEE courses. A PTCEE course is worth 2 WP courses (e.g. WP’s “Leadership 1&2” equals PTCEE’s “Leadership and Management”course).

Year A
W10RF01 Communication Skills: Computer Skills and English Skills*
W40RF01 Counselling 1
W40RF02 Counselling 2
W40RF03 Ministry to Youth and Children

Year B
W20RF01 Creative Bible Study
W60RF01 Practical Arts
W20RF02 Leadership: Foundations in the Scriptures
W40RF04 Ministry and Leadership

* The ‘Communication Skills’ course may be ‘challenged’ by means of an exam to demonstrate that the student has already acquired the skills taught in this course.

Certificate in Women’s Ministry Studies and Theology

This award programme is an alternative to the Certificate in Women’s Ministry Studies; it cannot be taken in addition to it. The CWMST involves the same eight WP courses as the CWMS, plus an additional two PTCEE courses: TE101: Theology (Year A), and TE102: Ethics (Year 2). Each of these PTCEE courses will be accompanied by a two-hour tutorial once a week.

Courses Offered in 2022

In 2022, courses from ‘Year A’ will be offered.


Two prizes may be awarded to final year students of the Certificate programmes, but are not necessarily awarded every year. These are:

  • The Jean Bell Prize for Leadership and Example;
  • Jean Bell Prize for Significant Achievement.


Applications and enrolment for each course must be done via the Registrar’s Office, at the same time that enrolment for other PTC programmes takes place.

Course Fees

The course fee for the whole year is F$1230 and includes the annual computer fee, library fee, and student body fee, as well as tuition fees and book allowances for each course taken.


Full details of this programme are available in the PTC Handbook.