Vacancy – Vice Principal

"Towards Excellence in Theological Education for Leadership for Justice"


The Pacific Theological College (PTC) is the ecumenical theological institution in the Pacific region. For over 50 years, it provided continual quality service in theological and ecumenical education to its 20 member churches and many others around the world. Over the years, the PTC helped to mold local, national and regional leaders of exceptional character and visionary leadership in the churches, politics and the ecumenical movement in the region.

As the PTC prepares for its transition to offer additional learning prospects – ecology and development, and Pacific philosophy – to its theological education portfolio, it is of critical importance that the process is provided with expert oversight and experienced leadership. In this regard, the PTC is inviting applications from its member churches and other interested person, for the position of Vice Principal.

The following key tasks are expected of the successful candidate:

  • Lead and chair the PTC transition process.
  • Provide expert oversight and leadership of the PTC’s transition process.
  • Ensure to fulfill the key deliverables in the college Strategic Plan for transition.
  • Ensure that key deliverables of each of the PTC transition’s working groups are achieved within the given timeframe.
  • Ensure the transition of the governance, operations, and the management and administration of the PTC to accommodate the planning and implementation of the new learning portfolios.
  • Contribute effectively and creatively to the curriculum development of the new learning portfolios, and the processes of registration and accreditation.
  • Actively assist with the fundraising efforts of the Principal and the transition committee to raise the required for the PTC operation and transition and the implement the new learning portfolios.
  • Provide quality and sound advice to the Principal on internal management and operational matters, and to act as Principal when the need arises.
  • Produce and present reports on the transition to the PTC governing bodies.

Eligibility for applications:

  • Over 15 years of experience in a senior management and administration in higher learning institutions in the region, and global, in particular university institutions, with a proven track record of achievements.
  • Highly knowledgeable about the educational trends in the region and global; academic requirements, process and procedures; and operational matters in higher learning institutions.
  • Highly experienced in the leadership and oversight of transitional processes, what is needed and required in such processes, and in the provision of leadership.
  • A PhD qualification with over 20 years of teaching in higher learning institutions around the region, and global.
  • Highly experienced in research and fundraising.
  • Ability to communicate and work collegially with faculty and staff of the PTC.
  • Compassionate and sensitive to Pacific cultures, values, and dynamics.
  • Passionate to support the college vision and to take PTC to another level.

Closing Date is Friday 15th October, 2021

Submit applications with current CV along with references from at least three (3) credible referees with their contacts. Applications can be submitted electronically to the Principal by email to: Alternatively, hand delivered to PTC reception desk or send via postal mail to the address: The Principal, Pacific Theological College, Private Mail Bag, Suva.