Vacancy – Climate Change Project Officer


The Pacific Theological College (PTC) located in Nasese, Suva, is a regional ecumenical tertiary institution that served the region through the churches of the Pacific for over 50 years. We invite applications for the position of Climate Change Project Officer, to be part of a vibrant and dedicated regional team. For all information regarding the requirements and the Terms of Reference, see below:


DURATION: Three (3) consecutive years

TERMS OF REFERENCE:  The position is responsible for the following:

  1. Climate change liaison and project management.
  2. Develop and design the Institute for Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge with its structure and policies.
  3. Develop the groundwork/foundation of the Institute in terms of conceptual framework and vision.
  4. Develop a climate change funding network and raise funds to develop and launch the Institute.
  5. Developing a communities-based model of learning and research on climate change.
  6. Develop a framework on translating communities-based climate change knowledge and models into a systematic frame to inform mainstream strategies.
  7. Develop the Diploma structure and coordinate the development of the diploma, course writing, and delivery.
  8. Develop research and learning network with Pacific communities in relation to climate change.
  9. Part time lecturer in academic courses.
  10. Build relationships with environmental and development NGOs, Government Departments to develop and share latest thinking on adaptation tools, methods and frameworks.


  1. A Masters or PhD that relates to Climate change.
  2. More than 10 years’ experience working with communities greatly impacted by climate change.
  3. Is passionate about the climate crisis and has vast knowledge of indigenous philosophies and spiritualities in particular in relation to addressing climate change
  4. More than 10 years of regional and international experience with climate change strategies and platforms such as the COP.
  5. Has already built a regional and global reputation and network on climate change and is familiar with climate change strategies and agreements.
  6. A broad understanding of the various aspects of climate change adaptation methods, tools and frameworks.
  7. Cultural sensitivity and ability to respect and work well with people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Closing Date is 3rd December, 2021

Submit applications with current CV along with references (required with the application) from at least two credible referees with their contacts. Applications can be submitted electronically to the Human Resources Manager by email to: . Alternatively, send via postal mail to the address: Human Resources Manager, Pacific Theological College, Private Mail Bag, Suva.