Rev Dr Ralph Weinbrenner

Rev. Dr. Ralph WeinbrennerRalph Weinbrenner serves as a lecturer in the department of Church History

Ralph Weinbrenner is an ordained minister of the Lutheran Church of Württemberg and civil servant of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany). He has served for 17 years as a teacher of Religious Education at grammar schools (since September 2000: Kepler-Gymnasium Tübingen) with particular emphasis on the final classes. During his time at Kepler-Gymnasium he was given various responsibilities,  so as Head of the Department of Religion, as member of the Employee Committee, as organizer of social internships for students, as leader of the Jazz Society and the Big Band and more. Since 2012 he was also in charge with teaching Theory of Religious Education in nursery-classes at the Mathilde-Weber Schule (vocational college) Tübingen.
Before entering his school career he served 2 ½ years as a vicar of his church and then worked for three years on a postdoc research project in Reformation History concerning the attitude of Lutheran and Zwinglian theologians towards the defeat of the protestant league in the Smalcaldic War.

At PTC since September 2015


Educational Qualifications

1. Kirchliche Dienstprüfung (University of Tübingen, Germany)
2. Kirchliche Dienstprüfung (Lutheran Church of Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany)
Dr. Theol. (University of Erlangen, Germany)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Medieval and Reformation Church History
  • Development of papacy
  • Medieval history of Mission
  • Conflict of regnum and sacerdotium
  • Religious orders and monastic reform movements
  • Luther and the Beginnings of Reformation
  • Late Reformation period (1540-1555)
  • Theology and science



Klosterreform im 15. Jahrhundert zwischen Ideal und Praxis. Der Augustinereremit Andreas Proles (1429-1503) und die privilegierte Observanz (= Spätmittelalter und Reformation, Neue Reihe 7), Tübingen 1996.


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