April 2021


The Ocean Keeps Calling – A Pacific Wellness Story The ocean keeps calling her. Stretching, beckoning and brilliant blue. It promises her gifts of crabs and fish, and fresh air to soothe her skin. If only she would come. She always goes. As she’s done all her life. Her five-year-old feet traipsing about for shellfish...
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The Institute for Mission and Research (IMR) has started the process of its transformation into the School for Ecological and Sustainable Development.   At the first of its two annual retreats held from January 17-22, 2021, the IMR team crafted the shape and form of the school.   The proposed ‘School’ builds on the dream...
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Since the COVID19 lockdowns hit Suva, Fiji’s capital in 2020, hunger has increased at Nabua Settlement. Fifty nine year old Aysha Bibi, who has lived 20 years at the Settlement, located on land owned by the Fiji Muslim League said hunger has worsened. ‘Some families here struggle to find food,’ she said. ‘Some now frequent...
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