A Welcome Message from the Principal

Greetings and welcome to the Pacific Theological College. This inter-denominational, multi-ethnic and multicultural institution is the ecumenical postgraduate school of the Pacific. It is located in Suva, the capital of Fiji.

The hallmark of PTC is its three-pronged emphasis on ecumenism, contextual theology and missiological focus. These emphases play a prominent role in defining not only the nature of the academic programme, but also its content. The ‘pacificness’ of such strands are explored in all theological disciplines and are an integral part of the College’s liturgical life and extracurricular activities. The unique context of PTC complements the formational training students received in their local theological schools prior to taking up studies here. In essence, PTC offers the opportunity for all students to receive ecumenical formation as part of their ministerial training.

The studies of traditional theological disciplines such as Theology, Ethics, Biblical Studies, Church History and Ministry continue to be pursued at PTC at a higher level. These form the core of the academic programme. Complementing the academic programme are courses to be offered by the new Institutes through the involvement of their Directors. All contribute to preparing students for a life of Christian leadership and service. At PTC a deliberate effort is made to train the future leaders of the churches as pastor-scholars. The goal is to equip ministers to respond pastorally and think critically; to attain the necessary academic standards needed in a teaching ministry; and awaken their social consciousness to enable them to exercise leadership in social justice ministries.

Consistent with this is its commitment to the ecumenical movement with its vision of the church’s mission, the global and multi-cultural character of Christian ministry in the modern world and the ultimate unity of the Body of Christ.

The College offers a rare opportunity to pursue theological studies in a vibrant ecumenical community. Its various academic and professional programmes are delivered by a faculty of renowned scholars from around the globe. Their efforts are complemented by one of the finest theological libraries in the South Pacific.

In its educational work, PTC strives to provide a context in which students and teachers may explore and nurture their vocational commitments while becoming biblically, theologically, historically and pastorally informed and competent in the diverse skills necessary for ministry. PTC offers an integrated curriculum in which the historical and contemporary resources of the Church’s thought and practice are in constant, mutual interaction with the contributions of our diverse cultures.

Equally important, PTC offers a life of worship, spiritual development and mutual Christian care which leads us to respond to God in Jesus Christ.

The ecumenical spirit is fuelled by the presence of students and staff representing different denominations in the Church. Their historical church roots and experience, expressed in a variety of cultural norms and perceptions, all combine to make PTC a vibrant and exciting place. The challenge posed by ‘diversity in unity’ is in essence a theological process of reconfiguration in terms of meaning and application. If you are open and passionate about the challenge of ecumenical formation, then I invite you to familiarise yourself with our programmes. If in the end you decide to come and study at PTC, be assured of the welcoming nature and exciting possibilities that await you on your arrival.

God’s blessings and peace surround you always.
Rev Dr Feleterika Nokise, PRINCIPAL

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