Mission Statement; Doctrinal Basis; Purposes and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Pacific Theological College is an ecumenical tertiary theological institution that serves the churches of the Pacific region.

Doctrinal Basis

The doctrinal basis on which the churches co-operate in this College is the faith of the Church catholic as it is expressed in the Bible and the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. We believe that the Holy Spirit continues to interpret this faith in the life and witness of the participating Churches.

Purposes and Objectives

  • To be a means of making evident and strengthening our obedience towards the visions of ecumenism and oneness in Christ.
  • To share with the world the ‘Pacificness’ and distinctive insights which God has given the Pacific Christians.
  • To make available to the world the College’s missiological focus as reflected in its curriculum and programmes.
  • To assist in providing for the Pacific churches a highly trained indigenous ministry and leadership.
  • To provide biblical, theological, and ecumenical training to the various contexts of the Pacific, its cultures and current situations.
  • To enrich the community by the presence of faculty and students from various backgrounds sharing the gifts which God has given to each; thus enabling the churches of the Pacific to be led to a deeper gratitude for the richness of God’s grace and to a readier obedience to God’s will.
  • To provide advanced theological study, research and the pursuit of academic excellence in Pacific contexts in order to serve the needs of the Pacific Churches in their co-operative ministry and mission.
  • To provide and work towards professionalism in practical ministries, especially in training for mission, Christian education, pastoral care and counselling, worship and liturgy, spirituality, homiletics and evangelism.