Dr Kathryn Imray

Dr ImrayDr Imray serves as Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Biblical Literature in the Department of Biblical Studies.

At PTC since January 2016.

Kathryn earned her PhD at Murdoch University, graduating in 2010. Prior to arriving at PTC, she lectured in biblical literature in Perth, Western Australia. Kathryn’s research focusses on Jewish, queer, feminist, and womanist biblical hermeneutics, and on love, death, beauty, and goddesses in the ancient Near East. Kathryn is a qualified counsellor with international membership in the Australian Counselling Association, and is also a member of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs. She is currently finalising a five year creative project, ‘Silly Cartoonish Stuff: Novel as Philosophy in Images’.


email: kathryn.imray@ptc.ac.fj


  • PhD (Murdoch University)
  • BA (Hons) (Murdoch University)
  • GradDipCouns (ACAP)


Research and Teaching Interests

Research interests include:

  • Jewish biblical studies
  • Womanist, feminist, and queer biblical studies
  • Love and death in the ancient Near East
  • Existential counselling and creative therapies
  • Satire and subversive humour
  • Magic and the supernatural in Judaism



  • “Eye to Eye with Myself I Lay in Bliss: Phenomenology of Narcissism in Kate Grenville’s Dark Places.” Forthcoming in PsyArts: Journal of Psychology and the Arts.
  • “Posthumous Interest in goel hadam Legal Tradition.” Forthcoming in Journal for the Study of the Old Testament.
  • “Shall Not the Judge of the Earth Do What is Right: Theodicies in Watchmen.” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 29 (2), 2017, 119-131.
  • “Literary Seduction: God as Feminized Other in Job.” Pacific Journal of Theology Series II (55), 2016, 35-49.
  • “Love is (Strong as) Death: Reading the Song of Songs through Proverbs 1-9.”Catholic Biblical Quarterly 74 (4), 2013, 649-665.


  • “Posthumous Interest in Biblical Homicide Law.” Invited presentation given at the Department of Jewish Studies, Northwestern University, Chicago, November 2012.
  • “Why God Can’t Win in a Fight with Dr Manhattan: The Cold War Theodicy of Watchmen and its Implications for the Book of Job.” Paper presented at the Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Chicago, November 2012.
  • “Literary Seduction: God as Feminised Other in Job.” Paper presented at the Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting, Amsterdam, July 2012.
  • “Qohelet’s Concept of Eternity.” Paper presented at the Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting, Vienna, July 2007.


Supervision and Teaching at PTC (since 2016)

Courses Taught at PTC


  • B20HF01 Biblical Hebrew 1
  • B20HF02 Biblical Hebrew 2
  • B20NF01 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF02 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF03 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF04 Hebrew Reading
  • B20HF51 Hellenistic Greek 1
  • B20HF52 Hellenistic Greek 2
  • B20NF04 Introduction to the Study of the Prophets
  • P20SF06 Studies in the Writings


  • B20HF01 Biblical Hebrew 1
  • B20HF02 Biblical Hebrew 2
  • B20NF09 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF10 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF11 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF12 Hebrew Reading
  • B20BF05 Introduction to the Study of the Writings
  • P20CF04 Biblical Hermeneutics & Interpretation 2
  • P20SF05 Studies in the Prophets
  • P20CF08 Apocalyptic Literature


  • B20HF01 Biblical Hebrew 1
  • B20HF02 Biblical Hebrew 2
  • B20NF05 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF06 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF07 Hebrew Reading
  • B20NF08 Hebrew Reading
  • B20BF01 Introduction to the Study of Torah
  • P20CF04 Biblical Hermeneutics & Interpretation 2
  • P20SF04 Studies in the Torah
  • P20SF09 Empire and Biblical Interpretation

Supervision (Successfully Completed)

  • Iosefa Lefaoseu (PhD, 2018), Lalagaga O Le Ola (Weaving Life) with God: Reading the Book of Job from a Samoan Theological Perspective: A Contribution to Biblical Hermeneutics in our ‘Sea of Islands’
  • Samson Koi (MTh, 2018), A Noman Ngui Reading of Micah 6:6-8: On Giving in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea
  • Melepone Isara (MTh, 2018), Relocating Wise Economics: A Samoan Tam?o’?iga Reading of Two Biblical Economies
  • Geraldine Wiliame (MTh, 2017), The Book of Jonah: Towards a Theology of Interfaith Dialogue within the Methodist Church in Fiji
  • Othnielson Gamutu (MTh, 2016), A Narrative Analysis of Jacob’s Conflict and Reconciliation: A Study on the Schism at Logahaza
  • Billy Wetewea (Hons, 2017), Kanaky, The Land of Promises: A Re-reading of the Conquest Narrative in the Book of Joshua from the Perspective of the People of the Land
  • Aribeta Tebakaro (Hons, 2017), A Rainbow of Promise or Punishment? Re-reading Genesis 9:15-17 in the Context of Climate Change in Kiribati
  • Meeri Iaabeti (Hons, 2017), The Biblical Case for Gender Equality: A Kiribati Womanist Perspective


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