Rev Dr Rayappan Isaac Abraham

rayappan_isaac_greyscaleRayappan Isaac serves as Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Church History.

At PTC since January 2015.

Dr. Rayappan Isaac is an ordained minister in the Church of South India (CSI). He has served eleven years as a minister in the Church of South India, Kanyakumari Diocese. During that period he has tutored various Diocesan training programmes like Church Workers Theological Training, Sunday School Teachers Training, Christian Endeavour Leaders Training, Vocation Bible School Leaders Training and Secular College Teachers Religious Education of the CSI Kanyakumari Diocese. He also served as a joint-secretary for the local Ecumenical Christian Council for two years. Before he got ordained he was sent to Kalvarayan Hills in Tamilnadu as a missionary for a brief period.

Just before joining PTC, he has served as Lecturer in the Department of History of Christianity at Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai for about six years. In this time he was given the following responsibilities: Convener-Ministry to Prisoners’, Convener- Alumni Association, Staff Advisor- Eco-Friendly Group, Coordinator-Manual Labour, Coordinator-Inter-Faith Dialogue, Coordinator-Integration Seminars, Coordinator-Summer Music Course, Tutor-BD First Years, Warden-Theological Students Hostel, Editor-Seminary’s Theological Tamil Quarterly Journal, Campus Administrator-TTS and Chronicler of the Seminary. He was selected as one of the Board of Directors of the Madurai YMCA and served two years as the Chairman of its Religious Department. While in Madurai he also served as an external examiner in the Philosophy and Religion Department of the Madurai American College.


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Educational Qualifications

  • B.Sc (Madurai Kamaraj University, India)
  • B.D. (Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, India)
  • M.A (Madurai Kamaraj University, India)
  • M.Th. (Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, India)
  • D.Th (Tamilnadu Theological Seminary/SATHRI Serampore University, India and Academy of Mission at the University of Hamburg, Germany)

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Christianity during the Reformation Period
  • Contemporary Global Mission
  • Early Church History
  • History of Christianity in India
  • History of the Ecumenical Movement
  • Women in the History of Christianity

Recent Publications


  • Padalum Pinpulamum / Background of 100 Lyrics, Nagercoil: Communication Department, CSI, Kanyakumari Diocese, 2013 (Tamil), pages 116.

Co-authored Book

  • Isaac, Rayappan A & Selvaraj The Beginning of our Rural Journey. Madurai: Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, 2009, pages 85.

Article in an Edited Book

  • “Pathinnettam Noottandu kirisththavathil Pengal / “Women during the Eighteenth Century.” Women in Church History. edited by Margeret Larbeer. Madurai: TTBC, 2007 (Tamil), 46-66.


  • Thirumbi Parkkiren/‘History of Travancore Missionaries’ Desopakari (Monthly Magazine) Kanyakumari Diocese, Series of Articles from June 2008-February 2018. (Tamil)
  • “Pentecosthu Mattum Arudkodai Iyakkankalin Varalarum Thaniththuvap Pothanaikalum / History and Unique Teachings of Pentecost and Charismatic Movements,” Suvadukal Theological Journal(July – September 2017). (Tamil)
  • “Sirar Viduthalaikku Viththitta Amy Carmichael / Amy Carmichael – The One Who Sowed the Seed for Child Liberation,” Suvadukal Theological Journal(July – September 2016). (Tamil)
  • “Suttuchchoozhalaip Penum Aanmeegam / Spirituality of Protecting Environment,” Suvadukal Theological Journal(Jan – March 2016). (Tamil)
  • Thirumbi Parkkiren/‘History of Travancore Missionaries’ Desopakari (Monthly Magazine) Kanyakumari Diocese, Series from June 2008-November 2015. (Tamil)
  • “Ebenezer Lewis.” Desopakari (March 2015). (Tamil)
  • “Archibald Ramsay.” Desopakari (April 2015).(Tamil)
  • “Charles Gladder Leech.” Desopakari (May, June 2015).(Tamil)
  • “Robert Caldwell.” Desopakari (July – November 2015).(Tamil)
  • “Perayar Polycarp / Bishop Polycarp,” Suvadukal Theological Journal (April – September 2015). (Tamil)
  • “Thooya Pethuruvin Vazhvum sila Aaivu Mudivukalum / “St.Peter’s Life and some Research Conclusions,” Suvadukal Theological Journal (Jan – March 2015). (Tamil)
  • Kizhakkilirunthu Vantha Gnanniyar/ “The Wise Men from the East,” Suvadukal Theological Journal 1/5 (Oct – December 2014). (Tamil)
  • Desiya Iyakkaththil Kirisththavarkalin Pangu/“The Role of Christians in the National Movement,” Suvadukal Theological Journal 1/4 (July – September 2014). (Tamil)
  • Yesuvin Uyirthezhalukku Santuraitha Pengal/“Women Witnessing Jesus’ Resurrection,” Suvadukal Theological Journal 1/3 (April – June 2014). (Tamil)
  • Editorial, Iraiyiyal Malar, April 2012- September 2014. (Tamil)
  • “Panditha Ramabai – An Indian Missionary,” Suvadukal Theological Journal 1/2 (Jan – March 2014).(Tamil)
  • Pazhaiya Erppattil Pengal-Oru Penniyap Parvai/“Women in Old Testament – A Feminist Approach,” Suvadukal Theological Journal 1/1 (Oct – Dec 2013).(Tamil)
  • Pavulin Thiruppaniyil Pengal/“Women in Paul’s Mission,” Suvadukal Theological Journal (July-September 2013). (Tamil)
  • “Ulrich Zwingli.” Iraiyiyal Malar (April – June 2013). (Tamil)
  • “Veerarin Kaiyilluzha Ambukal: Silla Varallattu Nigazhvukal / Arrows in the Hand of a Warrior: Some Historical Events.” Irulappapuram CSI Sunday School Golden Jubilee Souvenir 2013 (19 May 2013). (Tamil)
  • Milan Nagara Perayar Ambrose/ “Bishop Ambrose of Milan.” Iraiyiyal Malar (January – March 2013). (Tamil)
  • “Arudpaniyarum Manitha Urimaihalum/“Missionaries and Human Rights.” Desopakari (February 2013). (Tamil)
  • Thirumarai Aaivu- I Korinthiar 13/‘Bible Study – 1 Corinthians 13’ Iraiyiyal Malar (Tamil Theological Journal). TTS, Arasaradi, April-June 2007.(Tamil)
  • Thiruppanikku Yeremiavin Mathiri/‘Jeremiah’s Model for Ministry’ Souvenir, CSI Church Christia, 2006. (Tamil)
  • Padal Pirantha Kathai/‘Background of Songs (Lyrics)’ Desopakari, Monthly Magazine, Kanyakumari Diocese, Series of Stories from 2001-2005. (Tamil)
  • Opuravahum Thiruppaniyil C.F. Andrews/‘Ministry of Reconciliation –C.F. Andrews’ Souvenir, Kanyakumari Diocese, 2005. (Tamil)
  • Perayar Desmond Tutu/‘Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu’ Souvenir, 43rd Thanks Giving Festival, Kanyakumari Diocese, 2002. (Tamil)

Course Written for PTCEE

BD: Explorations in Ecuemism, first edition 2017

Courses Taught at PTC

  • History of the Ecumenical Movement
  • Understanding Key Texts in Modern Pacific Church History
  • Early Church (First 500 Years)
  • 19th Century Mission in the Pacific
  • 20th Century Pacific Church History
  • Studies in Global Christianity
  • Gender and Ministry in Church and Society in the Pacific Context
  • Modern Church History
  • Ecumenism and Inter-Faith Studies 1 (Historical Perspectives)


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